ā€œThe oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.ā€ ā€• H.P. Lovecraft
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The Horror Tree is a resource for horror authors, mainly those that deal with short stories. My main goal is to include all of the latest horror anthologies and publishers that are taking submissions. A resource useful for both new and experienced publishers alike looking for an outlet for their written material!

I do not make any money from you submitting to these anthologies, I am not releasing them, nor am I responsible for them in any way. Iā€™m just trying to help my fellow short story authors have an easy way to find out what anthologies are open to submit to.

Each post I make is a copy/paste of the submission guidelines that I come across or are e-mailed in. I will always attempt to include a direct link to the guidelines and I would double check them at the time of submission in case they have changed between the original post and when you are submitting your work.

URL: Http://www.horrortree.com